Business GDPR Compliance

TC-IT Services can help with making your business GDPR compliant. We are partnered with industry leading software companies meaning we can offer your business with professional solutions and competitive prices.

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Your IT GDPR Checklist

Our GDPR compliance checklist below covers all aspects of data protection; encryption through to antivirus and backups. We believe that our GDPR checklist will help your business meet the latest data protection requirements.


What is included with our GDPR compliance checklist?
  • SSL Certificates for your website. This means that your website end-to-end data would be encrypted with HTTPS

Top Three GDPR Checks

Are your computers encrypted?

It is crucial that your business systems are encrypted. The means that if in the event of a system being stolen, the data would be completely unreadable to the perpetrator.

Are you using business antivirus?

Check to see whether your computer has business standard antivirus protection installed. This would help prevent ransomware and any unauthorised data breaches.

Do you have backups?

In the event of a system failure, it is essential that your data has been backed up to prevent any data loss.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Is there any antivirus protection software installed on your computers or laptops?

Are staff changing passwords on a regular basis?

Also, find out whether you have any backups in place. Is there an external hard drive plugged into your computer? Are Windows backups running?

Does your website have a green padlock or locked padlock in the address bar? This will suggest whether or not your website is encrypted.

Are staff taking their laptops home? Do these laptops contain sensitive company data?

Lastly, do you use USB sticks with company data stored on?


So, if you do not know the answers to these questions, we would be happy to provide you with free advice on this.

Enquire about our GDPR checklist today and help your business become GDPR compliant.